Meet Deano

Deano is the legend behind the parkas.

Born and raised in Minnesota, he’s no stranger to the crisp summer chill that follows a dip in the lake or the blanket of white that accompanies each winter. 

It was during the winter that his idea for Deano’s Parkas was born. As the temperature dropped, so did attendance at his hockey league’s weekly post-game tailgate. A firm believer that life should be fun, he needed a solution to keep the team’s tradition alive. So, he did what anyone would do: purchased sleeping bags and turned them into parkas.

Thanks to the parkas, his team was able to tailgate outdoors and stay warm for hours at a time. They were able to create memories together – or, as Deano would say, to “Make Ordinary Moments Special.” 

And that was only the beginning. Deano’s family and friends continue to use their parkas whenever they’re outside – in winter, summer, spring and fall. His family is happy to now be able to share Deano’s Parkas with you.

First-generation Deano's Parka!